what we do?

Tiramedia is a young and vibrant media company, focused on advertising and the media industry in the Middle East. At Tiramedia, we are committed to providing a charming experience to our customers whether they are publishers, media agencies or advertisers. We have utilized our in-depth understanding of mobile advertising ecosystem, knowledge, skills and expertise required to build a wide range of media solutions and properties to cater to the massive growth in the Middle East. Tiramedia is backed with robust angel investors and has successfully raised its first round of funding.



Going the route of digital media advertising- and breaking away from more traditional marketing avenues- allows for a targeted reach of your marketing dollars. We provide our advertisers with a thorough and comprehensive guide of what their marketing dollars can achieve in the digital space. With tools like real-time access to data and metrics, we are able to effectively define, identify, and target the most relevant audience to your campaigns. As a result, campaigns are optimized and, in effect, create higher volumes of conversion and a higher ROI.


Achieve the scale you need, with the assistance of our extensive and direct relationships with brand safe publishers.


Reach your targeted audience, anywhere, anytime, across all platforms and all browsers.


Dedicated account managers who are committed to optimizing your campaign. PREMIUM PUBLISHERS Buy from Media of premium publishers, and consequently unavailable through any other avenue.



You’re here. SWEET! And let us guess: your content is awesome, and you’d like to earn something. However, you want your effort to get you more than the pennies offered by other networks that focus on quantity. EVEN BETTER! We get each other. We’re all about quality, and when quality cooperates, we can achieve the benefits of quantity.

How does it work?

1. Contact us.
(It’s painless, we promise.) We are selective; not everyone will get in. Our criteria focus on quality, frequency of posting, and traffic–in that order.
2. We review your application. If you’re a good fit, we’ll send an invite. If not, we’ll let you know that, too.
3. Register.
4. We’ll send you a Tag code code to add to your site. 
5. Resume creating awesome content. We’ll make sure you are paid every month.

What do we pay?

Our payout is simple:
60% net goes to you

What size ads do we deliver?

Standart sizes

What do we require from you?

– Ads must be above the fold (e.g. the ads can be mostly seen without scrolling)
– No more than two ads per page
– Your content must be Safe for Work (If you think your boss or mom might find the content you are publishing objectionable, you’re probably not right for this network)